BubbleBoy was my first game project at Futuregames, for this project we were given the task of mixing the style of two classic arcade games, we chose Lunar Lander and Bubble Bobble.

As this was my first time working in an actual project it was a great learning experience in teamwork, we focused a lot on our teamwork by having two daily standups and planning our tasks together. My biggest takeaway is that it's always to ask for criticism early and go over code with my fellow programmers as it makes it easier to spot potential issues and it makes it easier for all of us to navigate eachothers code


My main tasks

  • Enemy AI

  • Different enemy types

  • Level Design

Project information

  • Team size: 10

  • Timeframe: 7 weeks

  • My role: Programmer

Because of the time limit and somewhat limited experience in creating game AI the enemies behaviours are contained in one script per enemy.

I tried to make the enemies as easy to work with as possible.

The person working with them can decide which axis the enemies will move in with a bool.


This was the code for the enemy crocodiles movement.


To keep it as simple as possible it fired a Raycast looking for walls and changing directions if it hit one.

As the crocodile was our base enemy the movement was more or less the only thing it did, if the crocodile hit the player it would damage him.