Project Details

Platform: PC.

Genre: Action.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Development Time: 4 Weeks.

On their way to baseball practice, The Kid and their dad gets caught in a massive alien robot invasion! The dad gets abducted in a valiant attempt to protect his kid, leaving the child alone only with their trusty baseball bat. Now it's up to you to reflect the robots deadly projectiles right back at them while exploring the infested suburbs to find their dad!

This project was my first time working with designers and it was a great learning experience. Previously we had a panel from Paradox Interactive about how they managed their work and how the cooperation between programmers and designers worked for them.

In the end the teams great communication and work ethic produced a game I'm very proud to have worked on, the game received much praise from our teachers and the jury. The game was also included in the finalists of "The Rookies 2020 Game of the Year" competition.

I learned a lot about giving the designer as many possibilities to change different aspects of the system in the inspector as well as improving my teamwork abilities massively from this project.

Encounter System

The encounter system was fairly simple but it gave the designers a lot of freedom when creating the different encounters, you could pick how many waves the encounter would consist of, how many enemies and of which types would exist in each wave and there were also options to make the wave harder if the player is doing very well during the encounter.

The system was created using Blueprint and uses data assets for each wave to make it faster and simpler to change the different waves, here is an example of one of those data assets.

Checkpoint System

The checkpoint system utilized a persistent object that would store the data given to it when the player entered a triggerbox set in the level. For saving encounters I made a dictionary with the chosen encounter and a bool for if it was completed or not.